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From assembly and fulfilment to final despatch, you can rely on us to provide any project 'ready to use'.

Assembly and fulfilment

From packaging assembly to extensive benchwork facilities, we can assemble, collate and have everything ready for you, ensuring significant savings in time and money. If you have a project that requires assembly and fulfilment, speak to our consultants to find the most economical solution for you.
We can envelope or shrinkwrap your publication for mailing, distribute the parts of your next marketing campaign (think about direct mail offers, postcards, sales letters, catalogues, product samples), place insertions into magazines and presentation folders, collate and package your product for freighting, or assemble entire product packages.

Collating and packaging printed booklets

In-house systems

Most of our services for assembly and fulfilment are completed in-house under strict quality control standards. We have an extensive network of partners who we can also call on to meet any deadline required.


Skilled staff

In today’s marketplace it is not easy to find skilled staff. We have the good fortune to have an experienced team that can solve the most complex of assembly and fulfilment requirements. We will deliver the project exactly as you require it—when you require it.


You want to focus on your own business, so let us take care of your assembly and fulfilment requirements.

booklets on an assembly line

Mailing services

When offering a mailing service, it is vital to have a very strong working relationship with Australia Post. Working closely with them, we understand their systems and what they need from us to ensure that our clients get the very best price and service. These relationships ensure that this part of our business is truly flourishing.
We can offer everything from database management and variable data preparation to final mailing services—all to strict Australia Post requirements.
So if you have a mailing campaign and would like it to be a seamless process with no stress or hassles, please speak to us about how we can help you.

Man using clipboard to check mailing details

Database management

Problems with organising or updating your database? Our team of experts are on hand to help. We’ll get your project ready for mailing.

Fully automated production

Our production system features various automated insertion and collation options. We aim to make the whole process as easy as possible.

  • Keyboard showing keys named Database Adminstration and Database Management
  • Typical database
  • Booklets on folding machine in printing house.

Warehousing and logistics

Data Documents offer a full warehousing and logistics service, ensuring version control and on-demand management if required. Combined with an extensive knowledge and network of freight management, we can get your print project to where it has got to be both fast and economically. If you are looking for a professional solution to your logistics needs, speak to one of our consultants today.

Stock management

We can offer full stock management for all of your printed products, we have warehouses in two metropolitan locations, offering both short- and long-term stock management solutions. Need to distribute materials, to several branches? No problem—we can do the stock management.


Our distribution service allows for the management of daily, weekly or monthly distributions.


We offer our own internal delivery drivers and partner with local well-known, reliable couriers to ensure your consignment is delivered securely and on time.

  • Worker prepares logistic delivery shipment package.
  • Delivery man with packages on trolley.
  • Data Documents Osborne Park WA premises

Signage installation

Skilled installation is a vital part of completing a successful signage project. Our fully-qualified expert installers will take care of the job.
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