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Data Documents is a leading provider of printing and creative services in Perth, including lithographic printing, a popular printing method used in the production of brochures, leaflets, flyers and many other advertising materials featuring both illustrations and text. With high-quality printed materials, one of the most powerful advertising tools that businesses have available in an era overwhelmingly focused on digital marketing methods, businesses can place a beautifully printed brochure or leaflet in the hands of current and future clients which helps to deliver the rewards all businesses want to see.

When Litho Printing is the Right Choice

As there are several notable differences between lithographic printing and digital printing, it’s important that you understand when to use each printing method to achieve your desired results. For example, due to differences in the printing process, digital printing tends to better-suited to shorter runs whereas lithographic printing is often the better choice for longer printing runs.

This is because lithographic printing requires the preparation of a plate and the pages are produced separately before they’re collated together, whereas with digital printing the prints are produced directly from the file to machine, with each page printed and collated simultaneously. Here are few more reasons why you may find that litho printing is the ideal choice for your advertising needs:

Better Quality Prints and Solid Colours – Although digital printing has improved significantly over the years, lithographic printing still delivers better printing quality and is the smart choice when printing large areas of solid colour. These important qualities often make litho printing a better choice for materials like books and magazines that are expected to have a longer lifespan.

Print Spot (PANTONE) Colours – When you have advertising and marketing materials litho printed by the expert printers at Data Documents, the leading printing company in Perth, you can ensure complete colour consistency as offset litho printing enables the use of PANTONE (Spot) colours as well as metallic colours such as gold and silver. This helps your business to ensure branding consistency across all your business materials as the colours will be exactly the same every time.

Additionally, litho printing enables high-quality printing on a wider range of materials than digital printing and can also prove the more cost-effective choice on longer printing runs. Some of the business materials that the expert printers at Data Documents regularly print using the lithographic printing method for clients across Perth and Western Australia include:

  • Full colour brochures

  • Books and magazines

  • Business cards and letterheads

  • Bags, labels and point of purchase materials

If you’re looking for printing companies in Perth that deliver industry-leading lithographic printing services and take the time to help you understand when using litho printing is the smart choice, you’re looking for Data Documents. We welcome the opportunity to blend our creative design innovation with the printing quality that litho printing is well-known for delivering, so please don’t hesitate to contact the team to learn more about our lithographic printing services or to request an obligation-free quote.

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